Latin Teaching & Tutoring Services

Learn Latin with me, whether from scratch or for depth and polish! I offer a variety of 1-1 sessions and have worked with K-12 through PhD students, working classicists, autodidacts, and hobbyists of all ages.

The focus is on you and how you learn best. While I believe spoken Latin immersion has great value, I have also taught folks who need or work better with approaches focused on grammar and translation.

I am a NYS-licensed classroom teacher and college adjunct lecturer with a special focus on working with neurodivergent students and those who have not succeeded in previous language learning efforts, including people with dyslexia, autism, anxiety, mental health challenges, and/or ADHD.

Some things I’ve done with students are:

  • Tutoring to supplement or help with a course you’re taking, K-12 thru grad school. I’m quite familiar with many common textbooks and curricula.
  • Learn Latin from scratch (or wherever you are) to advanced reading fluency, through immersion or more traditional approaches that focus on grammar
  • Latin language immersion classes (monolingual) for those who have learned at least the fundamentals of Latin grammar another way. Express yourself in Latin and boost your reading fluency. Read Latin as Latin without needing to translate first.
  • I’ve designed personalized courses of study in Latin literature with advanced students, including single author studies, Neo-Latin reading, scientific Latin and prose composition

This is just a sampling–if you have something else in mind, tell me about it on our consultation call!

Book a free 30-minute consultation call to get started

Pricing: 50-100 USD per hour sliding scale, depending on what we’re doing together and what you can comfortably pay

I offer group classes on occasion: if interested, inquire via my contact form. I have also taught teachers linguistics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) principles, and Latin immersion pedagogy.

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