Maria Popova: A Dear Mentor I’ve Never Met

Maria Popova is a thought-hero of mine. She’s not an idol—rather, at my best thinking self I try to be her apprentice. No, we’ve never met. And yet, as is manifest in her writing on years of written correspondence between women who admire each other intimately, we can seem to ourselves to know a soul […]

Languages *are* Instruments: Musical Ones

“You’re a polyglot? Oh! How many languages are you fluent in?!” I suspect most who are called or call themselves polyglots usually get this response when they reveal themselves. I certainly do, and it drives me crazy.  It reflects a certain instrumental view of languages as objects or tools to accumulate. Polyglots “pick up” languages quickly […]

Polyglottery: from my life’s soundtrack to its main act

I am not your typical atypical polyglot.  I thrived in traditional language classes in school—so I thought, so my grades and all the adults around me insisted. I also sensed and said, from pre-K to now, “I hate school AND I love learning.” I’ve always had a keen love of hyperbole and stubbornly simple declarations–but there’s a […]


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Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m a polyglot, teacher, PhD student, and spoken Latinist. I think out loud here about all those things and their crossings.

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