Hi, I’m Jamie.

I’m a polyglot autodidact and PhD student in Latin who empowers people to learn playfully, live creatively, create fearlessly, and teach with love and joy.

I am also…

  • A Brooklynite with family roots and my heart in Atlantic Canada
  • A creative writer and poet trained in mathematics and physics
  • An amateur choir member, photographer, actor
  • Alive and speaking in ancient languages: so far Latin and Greek
  • A chronic patient with trauma who creates and shares to heal
  • A research-head in any field I encounter

When I’m not writing here, I make…

  • A podcast entirely in Latin, Colloquia Apud Recentiores, on Neo-Latin texts, language for justice in spoken Latin, and humanist-scientists
  • Photography: during the pandemic I’ve somehow become our house’s food photographer… and I get outside, too.
  • Videos about being-twice exceptional, for 2e people , with lots of storytelling and improv thrown in

I spend my time thinking about…

  • Knowledge-making and scholarly communities outside the academy: writing workshops, craftspeople, studios, the public library, personal correspondence and the Beit Midrash
  • An academia steeped in joy, creativity, generosity and wonder
  • Play, healing and care in teaching and learning
  • Open process, connection and an iterative mindset as antidotes to perfectionism, shame, loneliness and fear
  • Identity formation, especially of patients, writers, scientists and polyglots
  • All that I do not capture with words and analysis

I have taught…

  • Subjects: wildly various, from linguistics to Spanish to world mythology to quantum mechanics
  • Students: beautifully complex (mainly the “twice-exceptional”)
  • Through: STEAM, aesthetic education, the research literature, and world-building through play at any age

Students tell me I am…

  • “Aggressively helpful”
  • “Fiercely warm”
  • “A real mentor”

I reject disciplinary borders and appreciate guides and maps of the scholarly territory.

I respond to canons, archives, and their formation in love, reaction, reclaiming, re-formation and critique.

I embrace thinking deeply about basic words.

I see telling simple stories about complex things, ethically, as a necessary act of courage and an invitation to connect.

Thanks for being here.

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